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Empire of Technology Ltd.

Empire of Technology Ltd is a legal company operating in Rwanda in the Education Sector of business majoring in Educational Counselling and Consultancy Services. The company’s main aim is to facilitate quality education for the African Continent.

After realizing the education improvements needed in the education curriculum of Africa, Empire of Technology Ltd developed a strategy to partner with international schools, universities, and colleges to help African Students get a chance of attaining quality education so that they can apply the skills attained back home in Africa for great improvement.

Our Best Services

Visa Application

We offer visa application services to our clients who want to travel all over the world by providing the required information about the visa process to help the client get a visa easily. We work with different Embassies to make sure that the service is well offered to meet your expectations.

Educational consultancy

We offer the required mentorship to the student to get the best schools, universities, and colleges abroad based on his/her passion and career dream. We partner with different universities and colleges which provide full and partial scholarships to the eligible students who want to study abroad.

Hotel Booking and Reservations

We offer hotel booking and reservations around the world for our clients (both local and international) to receive a comfortable environment in their countries of visit. We make sure that our clients have the best reception once they reach the countries of visit.

Auditing and Accounting Services

We offer auditing and accounting services to our clients mainly the business companies, individuals, and also organizations to get a good financial report which easily shows our clients the amount of tax to pay within a specified period. We also offer tax advice to our clients who want to start their businesses or who are already running their businesses to meet the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) requirements.

Airline Tickets

We offer airline ticket services to our clients who want to go abroad. We also book flights for clients for them to be able to choose the most comfortable flights on their journeys at a favourable cost.

Property/Asset valuation

We offer property or asset valuation services to our clients who want to know the value of their property in situations of need. For example, in need of a bank loan, insurance, property purchasing and selling etc.


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